Simplicity Parenting: De-stress your life by getting rid of these 10 toys. Watch Video!

I have been seeing a common theme in my online parenting groups lately. It sounds something like, “My kids won’t clean up after themselves! How do I get them to clean their rooms? I am so stressed!”

If you think you are stressed about the clutter and piles of toys, how do you think your kids feel? Even though they may not be able to communicate it, children are just as overwhelmed by having too much stuff as we are (maybe even more so).

The answer, I tell them, isn’t to find a way to coerce them to clean up the mess, but rather to simplify and declutter so that when they do play, there is never that much to put away. That way, it never feels overwhelming to them.

Watch this video of a Simplicity Parenting coach break down the ten types of toys you should avoid having in your home for your kids. Watch until the end to hear her suggestions for the best types of toys to keep around for your children.

For more info on the benefits of Simplicity Parenting and minimalism with kids, read the book, Simplicty Parenting and check out the article, “The Best Toys For Babies Don’t do Anything,” by Magda Gerber.

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