Nope, I Am Not a Doctor…And That’s Kind of the Point.

**Disclaimer: I am not (completely) anti-doctor. I am anti-mainstream medical establishment. I am anti-corruption and greed that keep people sick and dependent on the system. I am pro-health and personal empowerment. I do not think all doctors are bad people. I truly believe in my heart that most go into the field with good hopes and intentions.**

Today, I passionately want to address something that has been swirling around in my head for some time, but just lately had a few experiences happen that inspired me to finally put it all on (digital) paper.

As many of you might know, my ambition is in radical health freedom. For everyone, but I tend to and love focusing on women and women’s health. As a mother, educator, and future midwife this shows up often in speaking out about evidence-based, biological birth, and how we can heal our bodies, from menstrual pains to when our kids have the flu and all the things in between and beyond.

There is nothing that brings me more fulfillment and joy than the idea of coming back to our truest, cellular, DNA-imprinted nature in a world where so many of the odds are stacked up against that very reality.

But there is also a huge problem I come up against as a mother promoting all things health and biological living….

I’m not a doctor. 

Not only am I not a doctor, but apparently, according to many folks, I shouldn’t even be wasting my time and breath trying to educate the masses and shift these paradigms because I don’t have that piece of paper hanging on my wall.

Some things I have heard about myself or about other women like me are:

“Where did you get your degree? Google University?”

“It’s a society full of Doctor Googles.”

“Do you have a degree in XYZ? No? Then leave it to the ones who actually studied this stuff and have a degree.”

“I’ll trust my doctor over anyone who doesn’t have a degree.”

“What are your credentials to speak on this topic?”

Basically, we shame women and mothers who take it upon themselves to learn and seek out information. We mock and belittle those who do not blindly follow and trust the words and recommendations of a doctor (Sorry, someone with a degree, which is apparently synonymous with, “Ultimate-Truth-No-Matter-What-End-of-Story.”)

I want to make my objective loud and clear:

I am not a doctor, and that is kind of the point. I do not want to be a doctor, or have their job or be a part of that system. What I strive for and my goals are not the same as a doctor’s.

Asking me if I am a doctor when I speak about natural birth, for example, is not much different than asking me if I am a plumber when you see me working on my car. It is two different fields with two different objectives.

My objective is to support the natural body. To trust it. To heal it when it needs healing. When I say healing, I mean on a deep, cellular level. My goal is to see women (and myself!) be fully embodied and thrive. To feel as good as they are intended to feel.

This is not the job of a doctor. This is not what a doctor goes to school for. Doctors operate with a completely different set of beliefs that makes the basis at which they make decisions from completely different than mine and so many of the women I know.

A doctor learns how to diagnose a disease or illness (aka, give a label to the imbalance in your body). A doctor learns how to perscribe a synthetic drug (or a concoction of them) that merely suppress the symptoms and imbalance taking place in your body. A doctor has to follow a script. He or she regurgitates the information they learned from their traditional education that was very likely subsidized by special interest, big pharmaceutical companies. A doctor has likely never seen a biologically normal birth. They go to school to learn how to fix, intervene on, tamper with, and “do something” when it comes to birth. They only know how to medicalize a non-medical situation. There is nothing for them “to do” in normal birth, because birth is the woman’s work.

My friend wrote an article recently on a very similar topic and she stated:

“If anything, I am even more skeptical of people who cling so tightly to their credentials because credentials almost always require indoctrination. 

Indoctrination is the process of teaching a person or group to accept a set of beliefs uncritically.

When you go to medical school — or any mainstream school, really — you learn a big chunk of information and then you have to pass tests to prove that you’ve memorized that information and have accepted it as truth. They tell you what to believe, you believe it, and then you win the prize: A degree and the opportunity to “help people”. 

There’s only one rule: You must stick to the script.” –

The most tragic belief in this whole discussion is the absolutely absurd notion that we cannot educate ourselves, and that learning cannot happen outside of the traditional, compulsory schooling system. This mindset that women and mothers cannot possibly know because they aren’t doctors is frankly, quite disgusting, patriarchal, and ultimately disempowering.

What I do not understand about wanting to mock Google research is that those who do it say it as if Google is a singular, disreputable source. Like the same way one might mock someone for using Snopes as a source.

But Google is not that. Google is a search engine that contains ALL THE SOURCES. Google contains all the information that you could ever want to know and all the information you don’t know, and all the information you didn’t know you didn’t know…

Everything at “Google University” can also be found in the textbooks at Stanford University or Harvard University. Through Google, one can find everything your doctor learned in medical school, and everything he or she did not.

This is what is so great about our world today. We can take our education and learning into our own hands. If you believe that someone can know your body and your health better than you can just because you didn’t go to college, you are doing a huge disservice to yourself. Between the internet, the library, and simply learning self-awareness and cultivating our lost sense of intuition, (something we give zero value to in our patriarchal society dominated by charts, measurements, and labels) you can empower yourself to a type of freedom you might have not known was possible.

Take it from someone who hasn’t seen a doctor in almost a decade (including throughout my entire pregnancy and postpartum periods), and is far healthier now than I ever was as a child/teen/young adult (when I saw doctors all the time).

Sure, there is absolutely bad research, and how you learn and dissect information is important. I wouldn’t recommend clicking on the first article that pops up in a Google search and take that on as the truth. To be honest, I actually let my hunches and intuition lead more than anything. I know some people will totally ridicule that notion, but like I mentioned above, it’s actually very skillful in this day in age to think for ones self rather than simply go with the herd.

So, I let my intuition lead, and then I seek out professionals, studies, and the experiences of others to test my beliefs. I read books on the topic and then incorporate it into my own life (talk about research) to see how it works/feels.

Here is the thing:

Whatever we are doing now within the medical system IS NOT WORKING.

Medical errors are the 3rd leading cause of death in America, killing more people every year than breast cancer, colon cancer, and AIDS…combined. I would actually argue that many of the deaths that fall under the “cancer” category are more likely to be medical errors or caused by big medicine, but I digress…

You will see us marching in the streets for cancer and raising money for AIDS. You will see the outrage and concern for things like heart disease and diabetes..

But the moment a mother chooses to question and opt out of the system that is responsible for being the third leading cause of death she is a “know-it-all,” and causing harm by spreading “dangerous” information.

Let’s take a step back and see where the real danger is.

The moment a mother stands her ground and takes her birth into her own hands (where it should always be)- refusing the system that has one of the highest mother/infant mortality rates of all the developed nations- she is called “irresponsible,” and accused of putting her baby in harms way.

Nevermind that well over 11,000 newborns die at the hands of doctors every year. Forget that two women die in child birth every single day in the U.S..

It is true that people die no matter what. The problem is when people die unnecessarily die due to negligence and poor, outdated medical practices. The problem is people dying because they trusted without question someone else in regard to their life.

Oddly, Doctors are granted a pass since we have dangerously deified them. We don’t hold them accountable or the system accountable because we have been wrongly conditioned to believe it is optimal, when in reality it is far from it. If you believe that our current health system is best and good for people, my friend, your standard is depressingly low.

If someone dies in the hands of God then it was meant to be, right? Maybe, but we have to first admit that doctors are not God. They are people just like you and me who went to a school where the medical facilities and departments are funded by big pharma (legit true).

If there is anything that I want you to take from this, it is the understanding that the medical system is a huge business that literally will fall and crumble if YOU (us) are not sick. The entire industry of maternity would no longer exist if women believed the simple fact that our bodies were made to give birth and that it is not a medical event.

(I am not interested in hearing about how doctors saved you or your baby’s life. 9 times out of 10 that I hear this, the doctors and medical industry created the problem they had to “save” anyway)

One Spanish doctor said that in the 25-30 years he had been a doctor, success and survival rates haven’t changed or progressed a bit. The only thing that has changed is that the drugs are nearly 2-3 times more expensive as they were that long ago. They give old drugs new names all the time when the patent runs out and sell it for more money. BIG BUSINESS DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOUR QUALITY OF LIFE.

So again, no, I am not a doctor. Thanks be to the Gods and Goddesses. I want no part of that corrupt system. A system that ruins your brain and gut and makes super bugs with the over use of anti-biotics. The system that has brainwashed women into believing their bodies are broken and birth is dangerous and dehumanizes every pregnant woman that walks through their door. The system that steals uteruses for no reason. I could go on.

I have learned a thing or two from Google (aka the world wide web) and I am proud of it. I have also combined my learning with books, and journals, and even Doctors who I trust that are making changes in the way we view health and medicine. I even have a certification in Gynecological Teaching from…dun dun dunnn…a university! So go ahead, mock me. Call me dumb or irresponsible. The proof is in my earthy pudding and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“There’s a certain type of person who decides to go to medical school. And there are exceptions, but generally the kind of person in high school who decides they’re going to be a doctor is a very well-intentioned, studious, do what you’re told, do your homework, show up on time, brush your teeth, comb your hair…you know, iron your pants, matching socks kind of person. Organized…ambitious.

— They’re admirable people is what I’m saying. They’re decent, kind people who work really really hard and they’re motivated by alleviating suffering. Which, is about one of the most decent motivations one can have.

The problem with this is that they’re obedient. They are people who listen to the teacher and believe what the teacher says. They’re not…rebels. They’re not…heretics. They’re not people who say, “Fuck this. This is bullshit!” They don’t ask those questions…” –Christopher Ryan PhD, author of Sex at Dawn

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  1. So true! I also am not a doctor but I try to support mom’s to be but so many times they are torn by what they want and the fear mongering of others who don’t get that birth is not a medical condition. They give up their power and succumb to the pressure of those who say they know best.
    Love your words, when more share and support each other in the truly natural process of birthing then the more acceptable birthing naturally will become.

  2. I have been doing medical research and translating tons of medical articles for over 9 years and I get confronted with the same clichèes: “You are not a doctor” or, even better “You are not an immunologist” (’cause it sounds more scientific!).
    My response is this: whenever you AGREE to a medical procedure, it is assumed that you, the patient, have COMPLETELY understood that which you are agreeing to, right? Well, why is it that when I do NOT agree anymore I am suddenly ignorant and should have an “expert” make the decision for me? 🙂

  3. This times a million! I have studied nutrition for 6 years since someone enlightened me to paleo woe… I have been told I should go back to college for nutrition. I give a resounding no, because I would in all honesty be throwing things at the professor. The SAD woe is making people sick, and I was walking proof of that until learning about other options, and researching about common SAD foods.

  4. No. You don’t have access to all the research that a qualified doctor does.

    Academic journals cost money. And yes, that sucks. The people doing the honest, hard work research, the research that is cross-examined by other honest (or at least harshly critical) scholars, costs money. Why else would anyone do it? Hard work in research costs.

    You want access to this hard earned, hard argued, cross-examined research? Pay for it.

    I know. It’s not fair.

    Everyone should be able to learn, and study, and research for free.

    We can’t. We rely on funding bodies.

    But we researchers are working our arses off. To find truth. To make life better. We don’t have any other agenda but to pay our own ordinary bills, raise our ordinary children, and yes: to amazingly have the chance to see something new. To discover, to learn, to share. Maybe even get famous for doing so.

    We get put through the mill. We get challenged at every level: in our own departments, by the ethics committee, by our examiners, by the publishers.. at every juncture we are made to prove we have done right. That we are not cheating. That we are ethical. That our numbers add up. That we are not stealing our ideas, or inventing them.

    The internet is full of people’s opinions.

    Sure. Google it. Whatever.


    But don’t imagine for a second that you’re getting something valuable for free.

    I don’t like this any more than you do.

  5. I love this article! 100% Truth! Thank you – now i don’t have to write it! I always wanted to be a doctor but it wasn’t my destiny, and I am so glad. I became a nurse, then certified nurse midwife (not much better than doctors, IMO) and now practice as an IBCLC (lactation consultant). But my real education and confidence built by self-study just being a MOTHER is what has provided the most important knowledge. Like you, I read books, scientific articles and used observation to see that what doctors told me made no sense and actually caused harms. I realized my instincts were always right and i had to stop allowing the almighty “MD” to convince me I was overreacting, overinvolved, and all the other ways doctors are trained to suppress the number one thing responsible for our being here as a species today – mothers’ instincts. It’s the best advice I give to all of my patients – trust your instinct over any provider, including me, because you know your baby best. Even and especially if you are a first-time mom, those instincts are there to guide you to protect your baby. Mothers need to take back their inherent roles as the nurturer/healers we always were before doctors came on the scene.

  6. Yes, I 100% agree with everything you said! As far as I am concerned, everything I know that is useful and true, I have taught myself AFTER I was done with ‘formal schooling’ (indoctrination).
    But I do hear frequently as well, when questioning, or giving information, “You’re not a doctor, I don’t have to listen to you!”
    Well, as far as I am concerned, my advice is often far superiour to the advice from most doctors. I don’t trust doctors, their knowledge is way too limited by their education, and their conflicts of interest.

  7. I am beyond childbearing, but I am into biomedical treatment for my self and my youngest who are not well…very likely because of “the system”. I get this too…

    But not, Interestingly enough, from my current doctor, who is nothing but cooperative. Even after I told him the bulk of my knowledge came from Facebook groups (and dozens of PubMed articles therein), is totally okay answering my questions and ordering the tests to help us out.

    I hope he never retires.

    I wish you the best. Fabulous work

  8. Have you ever seen a Naturopathic Doctor (ND)? They are medical doctors but they train in completely different schools, methods, and modalities than MD or DO physicians. I saw one and she completely changed my life. So much that I decided to become an ND myself. Before that I was an artist and dancer. I too wanted to help and empower people(esp. women) but because I did not have that “piece of paper” any recommendations I gave were considered “practicing medicine without a license”, which is considered a felony.

  9. Can we be BFFs???? Ha!
    This article blew my mind, it is exactly my thought on our current medical system.

    I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. My 1st was delivered via c-section not by my choice but by coercion and manipulation of my ex OB. As the old saying goes “If only I knew then what I know now”.
    I recently saw a new OB (due to a new state law I’m unable to see a midwife or got to a birthing center… you know bc it’s “dangerous”) and because of my ripe old age of 37 and the fact I had a c section with my first I’m unable to have a VBAC through her practice. I’m completely PISSED off at the sheer fact of how “we” are treated as a whole vs as individuals.
    Fingers crossed with this very low risk/healthy pregnancy I will be able to labor on my own (since I didn’t get the chance to last time) and have my baby naturally.
    Again, thanks for this article!

    1. To be blunt, you can labor however you want. Your body, your baby. You don’t need permission from anyone 🙂 Join me on Free Birth Society group on Facebook!

  10. This is what I’ve been thinking for years & you’ve articulated it so well. Love everything you’ve written. Never stop questioning, never stop researching or going with your gut.

  11. All of this is so true.

    I recently went to see our doctor and was explaining what he’d told me to my 22-year-old physics-graduate son. The doctor had not been able to help me and my son’s summary, as I finished explaining this to him, was “so he (the doctor) got to the end of his flow chart”. Yep. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

    For one thing, doctors learn very little about nutrition and what they do learn the learn from the point of view of disease. They learn that you get scurvy if you don’t get enough vitamin C but they don’t learn how all the nutrients work together to power our healthy bodies.

    Thanks for a great article.

    Oh, and also: though it had a happy outcome, my doctor was the cause of my twins’ horrific birth.

  12. Love this so much. Funnily I wrote something similar before Christmas, but from the perspective of Homeopathy.

    The more of us that put this information out there, the more people we’ll be able to help, by them having their eyes open to the options available to them.

  13. Resonating so much with this. Thank you for speaking out so openly and thoughtfully. Such truth!

    (Note – Hope you don’t mind I suggest removing ads from your posts to make it easier and more enticing to read)

  14. Frankly this is dangerous thinking. You don’t know more than a doctor because you googled it. I’m glad you’ve been healthy enough to avoid a doctor for a decade…hope your luck continues.

    1. Oh I don’t subscribe to the belief that health is good fortune. That’s victim mentality. How incredibly disempowering. My good health has been very conscious and deliberate. And part of it was not seeing doctors. I saw them growing up and was still always sick and on meds. But hey, if I ever get in a car accident (heaven forbid), the doctor might be the best place for me. But for day to day health and chronic illnesses? For my mental health? (doctors had me on Xanax for 8 years. I took myself off.) Not for me…

      I labored for 24 hours at home with a huge cervical lip and posterior baby. If I were in the hospital I would have been a prime candidate for a caesarean. I had a homebirth instead…

      So yes, I clearly know my body better than doctors do. What more proof do you want?

  15. I think along with this discussion needs to be the discussion about race and maternal health outcomes. We cannot ignore that systemic racism has dire consequences for women of color, especially black women, in the United States. Neither wealth, nor education level spares them. Black women are about four times more likely than white women to die in pregnancy and childbirth complications. That cannot and should not be ignored. Systemic racism needs to be fought every day. It is killing mothers. The stress of living while black in America is killing mothers. That is something that everyone can fight against.

  16. Completely incorrect to say that one can find on google what one can find in a Stanford university textbook. Furthermore a degree or an education is not indoctrination. That is incredibly ignorant sounding.

    What you say make it sound like an education is mere reading ink. That is a very simplistic observation. An education challenges beliefs and encourages critical thinking. Furthermore it guides one to challenge the written word. Searching google does not teach one to discriminate between credibility and that which cannot be falsified (or can be).

    What you preach is not empowerment but an odd determination to call yourself educated while continuing your google searches.

    1. I’ve been to college. No one challenged me to think critically. I was told to read a book and memorize things for tests. I was told that what the teacher says is true. If you’re challenged to think for all sides in med school, are you told to think about how diet and lifestyle creates disease and can heal you from it? Are you taught about normal birth? How come doctors only know how to pathologize birth? How come doctors can’t cure people of type 2 diabetes? I see people do it for themselves all the time…

      And yes, I, as a non Harvard student, have access to Harvard education information if I really wanted it in various forms.

  17. Both me and my baby would have died if it wasn’t for doctors. Fact. He was a footling breech (one leg up one leg down) so there was no way he would have come out without a caesarean. Tell me that was caused by modern medicine or big pharma? Without surgery he would have stayed stuck and died, then I would have gone into septic shock and died. Google your way out of that one.

    1. Hi Sarah. Sorry to hear you think you would have died. That’s precisely the fear mongering medical system I speak of. Women vaginally deliver footling Breech babies all the time. Our babies and bodies are amazing and babies actually can exit this way. I’m not sure who told you otherwise. Check out spinning babies on Breech info

      And no, I didn’t get this from Googling. I’m a student midwife and trained birth doula. If you’d like to meet the women who have delivered these types of babes, come join me over in Free Birth Society group on Facebook. Lots of birth workers and women who would love to answer your questions ❤️

      Gloria Lemay is also a good resource and midwife who delivers these babes

      1. Well that website says nothing about footling breech deliveries with one leg up (technically half extended breech)… the mechanics just do not work without (at best) a baby with a fractured pelvis. I was told by a midwife he was head down from week 36 and at subsequent checks. I went into labour naturally at week 41 and his foot was already in the birth canal when I was examined by the midwife. There was no chance to try and rotate him it was too late. You are clearly going to be a terrible midwife and will end up being responsible for someone’s death if you think you could have delivered him.

  18. This article could also be written, ‘I am not a dentist’

    Many dental doctrines are not healthy at all, including water fluoridation. I refuse to be poisoned by consuming a known neurotoxin. Pregnant women need to know recent studies demonstrate exposure to fluoride lowers the IQ of their children.

    No, I am not just a google graduate.

    Susan Kanen
    Graduated U of Maryland with a degree in Biochemistry, recognized whistleblower to lead in DC drinking water, recovering from multiple health issues (hyperparathyroid, thyroid goiter with calcified nodules, kidney stones, total hip replacement with 1500 ppm F in ashed bone renal cysts, acute pancreatitis, arthritis, dental fluorosis etc) after chronic lifelong low level and acute on the job fluoride exposures.

    Our ‘highly trained’ (rather highly indoctrinated) medical profession was inept to diagnosis fluoride poisoning even when I told them I was exposure to heavier than air gasses of fluoride in the basement of the DC water treatment plant where I witnessed the highly acid fluoridation chemical leached lead from lead service lines(LSL) identical to millions of LSL in the US including Flint, MI.

    1. Spinning babies offers a lot of info on footling Breech. Maybe it wasn’t on the particular link I shared.

      And thanks for your encouragement. Like I said, I know women who have birthed footling Breech and midwives who have delivered them, too. We have a whole unit on how to deliver breech (frank, complete and footling) as safely as possible in midwifery school.

      1. My mother is a midwife, a very experienced one, who has delivered many breech babies. She also knows when it is necessary to seek medical intervention for the safety of the women and babies in her care. Not everyone is best at everything all the time – shame on you for being too self riteous and arrogant to see it.

          1. Because one needs credentials to be a midwife. Just like if one wants to have the job of a doctor, they need credentials. Could I find all the information on my own? Sure! And I have over the years and a lot of things I learn I already know, but I appreciate the structure of the curriculum and the community around it. It’s just another way I choose to learn. Programs that I research and trust taught by people I trust. If you read my article you know google isn’t the only way I learn. I’m getting hands on experience in a field that resonates with me.

            I’m all for doctors going to med school if that’s the job they want to have. The point of my article is that it isn’t the job I want to have.

            Also, I noticed your condescending username “realitybasedmom.”

            Can you explain to me what’s more real than the earth you live on that sustains life for everyone on it?

    2. I had a footling vaginally and nearly every midwifery text is pretty straightforward in that they can and do come out that way. Even medically minded midwifery texts (I’m looking at you Varney’s) talks about the complications but not the impossibility. Transverse or shoulder first are basically your not possible options. Everything else is possible and is a variation of normal, even if not what we consider ideal.

      1. Yea, well that was never my point. My point was that I won’t treat doctors like gods because I think overall the system does more harm than good. That doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s never done anyone any good ever. But I believe that to be the exception, not the rule in regard to birth and chronic disease.

    3. I know people who have had footling breech babies vaginally. I won’t comment on your situation. I don’t know enough details to do that. But it’s not even remotely correct to say that every single footling breech baby will have a horrific outcome. Blanket statements are the bane of education.

  19. I’m a vet and unfortunately have had lots of clients with this attitude and mind set. Come in with a sick animal refuse diagnostics and medication then come back a week later with their pet on deaths door step and are mad at me about it.

    1. Yea well I don’t know much about the vet field. I do know that medical error (misdiagnosis and drugs taken as directed) is the 3rd leading cause of death. I do know that misdiagnosis happens by the millions in human healthcare, and if medication were so great we’d have an epidemic of healthy people. Which we don’t 😏

      1. Well that website says nothing about footling breech deliveries with one leg up (technically half extended breech)… the mechanics just do not work without (at best) a baby with a fractured pelvis. I was told by a midwife he was head down from week 36 and at subsequent checks. I went into labour naturally at week 41 and his foot was already in the birth canal when I was examined by the midwife. There was no chance to try and rotate him it was too late. You are clearly going to be a terrible midwife and will end up being responsible for someone’s death if you think you could have delivered him.

  20. This is great. You are just like all the fantasy football “players” out there. You “keep up” with the NFL and the players and the stats, so that you can talk about it and entertain yourself and others. And your source is the actual NFL, players and coaches, and also some random people who like to talk about football. But the good news is that you will never be on the football field. And this is such good news for yourself, your family, your coaches and your team, because you aren’t prepared physically or mentally for the game. You haven’t watched films or practiced, you don’t know how to read the other team’s lineup, you don’t know the play calls, nor would you know how to execute the plays. It is a blessing that you don’t equate yourself with a doctor, because you aren’t playing the same game, you’ll never suit up, and you will never get on the field.

      1. So if you don’t like the game of health, crying, healing and repairing, why do you even discuss it? I can’t even wrap my head around what it is you even do, except criticize those who have attained and work to attain something far greater than you are willing (or able?) to.

          1. If you’re suggesting I don’t like health, healing and curing then please read my article again. That’s precisely my goal.

            You can’t imagine what I do? Is the only structure for “health” that you can conceive that of pills and medicalization and pathology??

  21. I’ve seen a lot of people get false information from “Dr Google” that has done more harm than good to their pet .

    Also, what about all the doctors that save lives… nothing in life is guaranteed

  22. You sure make a lot of assumptions about how doctors are trained. To think that you know more about health than people who literally dedicate their lives to the pursuit of both individual and public health is incredibly arrogant.

    1. But doctors don’t make people healthy (generally). Is that not painfully obvious to you? Their education in nutrition is minimal. Because that’s not their job.

    2. Do they dedicate their lives to public health? Or are they the problem that causes the THIRD LEADING CAUSE of death in the US? Maybe their lives should be dedicated to preventing medical errors, not dispensing drugs. Did you know that over 50% of the population of the United States is on perpetual prescription drugs? As a country, we are horribly sick. Doctors are not helping.

  23. I absolutely LOVE this article. I guess some would call me a google doctor, but I am a woman who is tired of being handed painkillers and band-aid solutions to my health issues.

    After my father died from a cancer an entire team of specialists promised him he didn’t have only to be proven wrong, I have been a lot more pro-active about my own healthcare. I do not have the same blind trust that I once had, because I understand now that although doctors have extensive training in medical care, they are also human, and sadly sometimes are only as good as the tests that they request. In my dads case, they did not run the correct tests because they had already made a diagnosis and they believed they were correct. It took a doctor at a different hospital to diagnose the cancer, because he ran the correct tests to find it.

    I myself had shingles last year. It was misdiagnosed by the first doctor I saw and given anti-biotics. I researched it that night, because I felt it was not right, and discovered my rash was similar to shingles. So I went back the next day and saw another doctor who diagnosed it correctly immediately. It doesn’t sound that bad right, but it was on my eye, and shingles on the eye can lead to blindness and other major problems if not treated correctly.

    I have spent hours and hours researching my own health issues since those two incidents, which has enabled me to be able to go to my doctor now and ask better questions. I personally feel that my doctor obviously knows more than I do about being a doctor, but I feel by doing as much research as I can it helps me to be able to explain myself better, and to understand why he might advise a certain course of action and to have the confidence to question it and ask about other options.

    Something I believe a lot of people don’t really understand, and I didn’t, is that doctors don’t even have the authority to perform any test they deem necessary. My doctor showed me a list of tests he is legally allowed to order for me and the criteria around him being able to order them. I had no idea. In order to get the particular test I needed, I needed a specialist who was allowed to order the test, knowing this I was able to ask my doctor to refer me to one.

    Yes there is a lot of mis-information on the internet, but self-education is so important.

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