Meet the Woman who Believes Mental Illness Should Not be Medicated. [WATCH!]

Meet Kelly Brogan MD.

Kelly is a holistic psychiatrist who talks openly against the negative effects of pharmaceutical drugs and how she successfully gets her patients off of them.

Kelly believes that most (if not all) mental illness stems from things like poor diet, artificial lifestyles, and stress, and that people can be treated naturally, even in extreme cases of mania.

As a mother, I have been obsessing over Kelly’s blogs because we really align with our views on things like childbirth, antibiotics, stress, etc. Check out Kelly’s website to read all of her amazing articles that I have been reading and sharing in recent weeks. ┬áThere is a whole section dedicated to mothers and how we can take back our power in terms of our children’s health, as well as our own.

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Finally, watch this amazing video interview that Kelly did with Marie Forleo. She goes in depth about why she believes so many people (especially women) struggle with depression and why/how she thinks mental health can be treated without drugs. Here is a sneak peek quote from the video:

“–it’s become my belief that the body is one of the most sophisticated, you know, mechanisms on the planet. And we are just beginning to look through the keyhole of how it does what it does. And so, it doesn’t really make mistakes. Any time you have a symptom, anything from a sore throat to a headache to something like, you know, mania, it’s actually an expression on the part of the body. It’s attempting to get your attention so that you can look at different areas of imbalance in your life. And those can be nutritional, they can be environmental or they can be psychospiritual.”

And please check out Kelly’s book, “A Mind of Your Own,” to learn the truth about depression and how you can treat yours.

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  1. Wow, this is really amazing! I’ve been thinking a lot of those same things, especially that we are living lives that we are not designed to live. Def going to read Dr. Brogan’s book!