Earth Based Mom is a blog dedicated to spreading the word on all things birth, parenting, health, and living a life of freedom (whatever that means to you). It was created by me, Chantel Q, in 2015. My job and passion is to offer a new perspective than that which you might already have. Basically, I am in the business of radically questioning and changing paradigms. I am a GTA (Gynecological Teaching Associate), trained doula and evidence-based pregnancy and childbirth advocate and educator. I am also a women’s health coach and enthusiast who brings awareness to the power that lies within our bodies when we adhere to the laws of nature. It is a wisdom we have lost.  I truly believe things like: your period can be something you look forward to, 99% of chronic and mental diseases can be cured naturally, and our emotional health is just as (if not more) important than our physical health…..

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