Healing Birth Trauma

Often times when we think of trauma we think of the more obvious and direct ways people experience it. We think of physical trauma, like a blunt force to the head, or even emotional trauma, like witnessing someone being killed or a car accident.

The types of trauma we don’t often or immediately consider are the more subtle versions. These versions are more common and spread throughout the fabric of our society. These types of trauma are even sometimes a result of a socially accepted occurrence or routine in society. For example, trauma can happen from being in the hospital or even going to school for some people.

The type of trauma I want to address here is birth trauma.

Birth trauma can be experienced physically (for mother and/or baby), as well as emotionally or mentally, which means taking on and absorbing any emotional or chemical make-up of your mother. Given the way we view and commonly do birth in our culture, birth trauma is a very common occurrence. Whether you experienced trauma when you yourself were being born, or when you were giving birth to your own child (or both), birth trauma remains hush hush for the most part.

The thing with birth trauma is that it begins at birth, which means any trauma you experience on that first day of life (and while in the womb) you will take with you and it will affect the rest of your life if we don’t take measure to heal it. It isn’t always easy to pinpoint what symptoms are related to birth trauma, and many symptoms can be a result from a combination of your birth trauma as well as something else. Not to mention, you probably do not remember being born, which makes us less likely to pursue healing in this area.

If you ever experienced any type of birth trauma, or are curious if you did, then this video and offer is for you. Lillian Eve Moore is a trauma healer and she breaks down in more detail what exactly birth trauma is, what can cause it, what it looks like, and how to heal it.

Also, Lillian will be doing a free live demonstration on how to heal this type of trauma. Join us on Monday, November 13 @ 9am Central Standard Time. We will be streaming live from the Earth Based Mom Facebook page. To join, go like our page, and tune in at the above state time!

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