Dear Pro-Vaxers: Admit it. You don’t actually care about science. 4 Reasons why.

If you have ever been in a debate with someone who is adamantly pro-vaccine then you know that once the word ‘science’ is thrown out there then the argument is somehow supposed to be over, shut down, because… science. To question science to a pro-vaccine folk is akin to questioning the Bible to a Christian. Because Jesus said. It’s in the Bible. End of story. I am not claiming that science and religion are one in the same, just that the same line of thinking applies. Nevermind that like mainstream politics, much of mainstream science is corrupt. Bought and sold to uphold a cultural narrative. To question any further than what some science has made us believe makes you anti-science, anti-truth, anti-reality…because, science. Which ultimately just makes you an idiot, because, science. Science is seen as the end all be all of intellectual authority. While I think science is a wonderful tool, it is not the only thing I use to form all of my decision making. I use a combination of independent studies (not science that is paid for to come up with a particular result), personal experiences, varied research (not just from one or two sources), and good ‘ole common sense (my favorite, actually) to form my opinions.

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Here is the thing, though: I don’t actually believe that people who are pro-vaccine care all that much about science. To spew “science” at anyone who questions vaccine ingredients, side-effects and efficacy has simply become pro-vaccine culture rhetoric. It is starting to hold little weight for me. The reason I say this is because I look at their other parenting choices and it falls short of what science has proven. Of course, not all pro-vaxers. When I write I might make general statements, but I obviously cannot and will not speak for everyone. Here are four reasons why I don’t believe [some] pro-vaccine parents care all that much about science:


  1. They spank and use punishments such as time-out for discipline. 

If you love science and still do one or both of these then we need to catch you up on the latest scientific studies. According to science, spanking and corporal, authoritative punishment leads to more mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, addiction, aggressive behavior, externalizing problems, and many other cognitive development issues. The science is clear that violence begets violence. Children model what they see and receive. I fail to understand why we need science to prove something so obvious, but I am glad it has. Do you feel happy and motivated to do better after someone has just made you feel like garbage? Neither do I. If you love science, read the studies about the detriments of physical and isolating punishment here, here, here and here.


2) They are not breastfeeding per recommendation.

Before I go on, I’ll just repeat, NOT ALL PARENTS. I am well aware that there are pro-vaccine parents who breastfeed. I know some personally. But if you are shouting “science” and giving your baby formula then let’s talk. According to science, thousands of babies lives could be saved every year (823,000 to be exact, according to science) if all women breastfed their babies. Not only that, but it saves mothers’ lives, too, according to science. One ecological study done in Latin America concluded that, “Exclusive breastfeeding of infants aged 0-3 months and partial breast feeding throughout the remainder of infancy could substantially reduce infant mortality in Latin America.” You can read the entire study here. Science also proves that breastfed babies have better overall health than formula fed babies. How’s that for a public health issue? Except for you don’t see anyone trying to mandate breastfeeding for all women and babies. Why do you think that is? *Hint* Look at where the money goes….


3) They still feed their kids fast, processed,  junk foods.

Do we really need science to tell us that non food is…food? We do? Well, that’s okay, because we have that. According to science, the frequency of fast-food visits correlates with the likelihood of obesity. I am really hoping I don’t have to prove how obesity negatively affects health, but if you need me to then check out [this] scientific studyWhat you eat also significantly affects your mental health, according to [this] study. I could probably go on and on and on about how poor diet impacts your health. They don’t say, “you are what you eat,” for nothing.


4) You use Cry-it-Out sleep training method.

It is proven that letting a young baby/child cry themselves to sleep raises cortisol levels and negatively affects the infant’s sense of secure attachment to its mother. One study shows that the children of mothers who did not create a secure attahcment by responding to cries were more aggressive and anxious than children who had mothers that did. According to

“Ainsworth and colleagues concluded that sensitivity on the part of caregivers, which centers on responsiveness to infants’ signals like laughing and crying, is the most important predictor of secure attachment (Siegler et al., 2011). Thus, the first two years, when attachment relationships are formed and when parents often turn to sleep training programs like the Ferber Method, are a critical time for parents to show responsiveness to their crying infants and offer comfort.  Unfortunately, the Ferber Method and other training schedules of its kind that instruct parents to avoid responding to their infants’ cues of distress deliberately encourage a lack of parental sensitivity.  The insecure attachment that we assert can follow is not merely a theoretical issue, as insecure attachment in infancy predicts a host of later undesirable outcomes.  Jacobsen’s and Hofmann’s (1997) longitudinal study suggested that insecure attachment classification significantly predicted lower attention in school, higher insecurity about the self, and lower GPA at age fifteen.  Furthermore, Dallaire’s and Weinraub’s (2007) work demonstrated that insecurely attached fifteen-month-olds were more likely to experience anxiety symptoms at 4.5 years than their securely attached peers who had weathered equivalent stressors. Finally, DeMulder, Denham, Schmidt, and Mitchell (2000) found that insecurely attached preschool boys and girls exhibited significantly more anger and aggression outside the home.  Parents may gain sleep in the short-term after Ferberizing their infants, but they can expect to lose sleep as their children age and engage in these negative behaviors associated with lack of parental sensitivity.”


My point of this article isn’t to tell you what to do. Of course, I like when parents think outside the status quo and choose to adopt practices that lead to healthier, happier children. In my opinion, that’s our best shot at saving this planet. My point is that we can’t keep pointing at science as a form of confirmation bias. If you are going to point to science and be done with it in the case of vaccines, you have to be willing to look at the science elsewhere, in your other parenting choices.

Besides that, people who choose to forgo vaccines do not do it because they are anti-science. As a matter of fact, I don’t think anyone would argue that science is great! I love science, for one. This is probably why so many people are chomping at the bit for the science. Where is the science?! Did you know there has never been a scientific study published in any scientific journal using an unvaccinated controlled/placebo group which demonstrates the efficacy, relevance and long-term of any vaccine used in the U.S.? Not one actual controlled/placebo study in any scientific journal showing long-term benefits vs. dangers of vaccination vs. unvaccinated. Furthermore, there has not been one long-term study done on any carcinogenic and reproductive complications that may occur long-term as a result of vaccination (as stated in the manufactures inserts), and thus, no doctor can honestly say your baby will be safe from future cancer or reproductive complications, or that vaccinations are safe or “scientific.” There is so much conflicting “science.” There is so much corrupt “science.” When you point to “science,” you cannot call it pseudo-science when it proves opposite of your claim. This means it isn’t about science afterall. It is about your biases and your fears. I get it. I have my own set of them as well, but please, can we stop calling it “science?”





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  1. Sorry to disappoint: I vaccinate, extended breastfed (almost three years), cosleep still, and use attachment parenting (no spanking). This drivel is incredibly false for many moms I know.

    1. Same here! Breastfed, Co-sleeping, no spanking, feeding as healthy as possible (moderation is key).
      I also have a medically fragile kid that can die from the measles. I just want to tell every anti-vaxxer “but sure, use pseudoscience to justify not vaccinating your kids and putting kids like mine at risk of death.
      There is no proof autism is caused by the MMR vaccine, but if it was, I’d rather have a child with autism than a child who died from MMR.

      1. If I had a immune compromised kid, the last person I’d want them around is a recently vaccinated individual. I would have no problem being around unvaccinated kids (so long as they weren’t sick, of course). My child isn’t automatically walking around with diseases. Vaccinated kids get measles all the time. As a matter of fact, most kids who get measles are vaccinated.

        1. I notice everyone who tells me they’d “rather have a kid with autism” doesn’t actually have a kid with autism. I do. I don’t think vaccines caused it, most people I know don’t think that either, but I DO believe that for some kids including mine vaccines made his autism worse. Made HIS life harder. And I’m vaccine injured myself… I’d rather have gotten whooping cough than the lifelong complications from the vaccine and then whooping cough anyway as an adult

      2. There is substantial evidence proving that vaccines may induce autism. We now have video proof, by the 1000s, of healthy babies developing autism after vaccination. Autism is only one of many severe adverse effects of vaccines. Vaccines have destroyed natural herd immunity. It’s never acceptable to sacrifice a healthy neurological system for temporary, if any, immunity against a germ that one may never encounter.

    1. If the links of articles and studies I provided have no basis of facts then please tell me what does.

    2. Shedding. This makes absolutely no sense that she should be fearful of the non- vaccinated. Hasn’t the doctor warned her she should stay away from those who are recently vaccinated for up to 6 weeks.

      Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Varicella Virus Vaccine Live
      Initial U.S. Approval: 2005
      point 5.8 Risk of Vaccine Virus Transmission
      Vaccine recipients should attempt to avoid, to the extent possible, close association with high-risk individuals susceptible to varicella for up to 6 weeks following vaccination. In circumstances where contact with high-risk individuals susceptible to varicella is unavoidable, the potential risk of transmission of the varicella vaccine virus should be weighed against the risk of acquiring and transmitting wild-typevaricella virus.

      Varicella Virus Vaccine Live
      Initial U.S. Approval:1995
      Point 5.4 Risk of Vaccine Virus Transmission
      Post-marketing experience suggests that transmission of vaccine virus may occur rarely between healthy vaccinees who develop a varicella-like rash and healthy susceptible contacts. Transmission of vaccine virus from a mother who did not develop a varicella-like rash to her newborn infant has been reported.
      Due to the concern for transmission of vaccine virus, vaccine recipients should attempt to avoid whenever possible close association with susceptible high-risk individuals for up to six weeks following vaccination with VARIVAX.
      Susceptible high-risk individuals include:
      • Immunocompromised individuals;
      • Pregnant women without documented history of varicella or laboratory evidence of prior infection;
      • Newborn infants of mothers without documented history of varicella or laboratory evidence of prior infection and all newborn infants born at <28 weeks gestation regardless of mater

  2. Well said…seems some take what they choose out of this without actually listening hhaha…says more about them. Completely agree

  3. The junk food thing is so true. I It doesn’t escape me when the people who “fight” angriest about how vaccines “save lives” are the ones who give their child soda, then put said child on Ritalin, or talk about the Egg McMuffin they had for breakfast, etc. You can’t live blatantly unhealthfully and think I would ever take your advice about anything health-related? As Dave Ramsey says “don’t take financial advice from broke people.”

  4. Well written article. I love that someone called out the people that use “science” as their argument.

  5. I don’t do any of these 4 things and I’m pro-vaccination. I cosleep and breast feed my 18 month old. Even if I spank, cry it out, and feed formula, though, it wouldn’t have the potential to hurt other families the way not vaccinating can. Nice try overgeneralizing, though! 👍👍

    1. Actually, not responding to cries and hitting kids creates adults who hurt other people and absolutely effects other individuals. I mean, just look at the world today. Where most people in it were raised just like that and grow up to do the same to their families. Of course it’s effects others.

      Formula feeding weakens the immune system and makes kids more susceptible to illness and this puts my child at risk. But I worry about keeping my own child’s immune system healthy, not what you do with yours.

      And vaccinated kids spread disease because they have weaker immune systems and vaccines shed. Nice try though 👍👍

      1. You worry about your own kid, not what others are doing with theirs, yet proceed to sanctimoniously spew this garbage all over the place? Not buying it. Fed is best. Vaccinate or don’t, none of anyone’s business. Feed your kids junk food, if you want. Co-sleep or cio, or don’t. Your kids, your decision.
        You might want to get off that high horse pretty soon. when karma hits, it might be a bad fall. Also, there is absolutely nothing feminist about your thought process. Your name doesn’t suit.

        1. What other people do with their kids is everyone’s business in the sense that those are the kids that will be adults and running the world with my kid one day. So to say it doesn’t effect me or my child is not seeing the bigger picture. Who said anything about feminism? My email is a combination of the words feminine and minimalism. Also, feminism empowers the natural, innate traits of the feminine. It doesn’t try to make the feminine more masculine (bottle feed, cry it out,etc. of the head rather than the heart style of parenting).

          1. If you have a point here (which is far-reaching) it was lost in your presentation. Don’t forget that children who eat junk, have been spanked, and (God-forbid!!) were bottle fed, will also have to be exposed to your offspring. I could easily tell you how you should raise your kids, as they will be affecting my kiddos, but I will let your own words mature with you. You may be surprised by the change you feel with that maturity.
            I offer you a challenge.. In ten years, please put pen to paper and write another article about this very subject, but do it with the knowledge of experience and humility. You may surprise yourself.

      2. Some vaccines shed. And you can possibly contract the disease…if you ingest the faeces of a recently vaxxed person or child. Seeing as people tend not to do that…THERE HAVE BEEN NO REPORTED CASES OF TRANSMISSION OF VIRUSES THROUGH SHEDDING FROM RECENTLY VAXXED PEOPLE.
        Yes that’s right. None. Zero.
        So going on about vaccines SHEDDING everywhere and infecting people makes you look like a complete idiot.

  6. Regardless of potential side effects of vaccines, those effects are nothing compared to the society-wide harm caused by the illnesses vaccines are meant to protect against. It’s no longer commonplace to see many children in cumbersome metal braces because polio has been widely eliminated by vaccines. Childhood tuberculosis deaths are near unheard of in the US, again because of vaccines. I’d say widespread permanent disability and/or death are not preferable to the *potential* side effects of vaccines, yes?

  7. Loved your article. I breastfed my two kids until one was 3 and the other 2.5, co sleep, made my own baby food, etc. I did vaccinate one kid at 2 and 4 months old until I researched vaccines a ton and became “afraid” to actually have them vaccinated. My daughter has never had shots and she is super healthy. My son wound up with ADHD and I tried for years doing it the natural way and was pressured by teachers so he now takes medicine. He does a lot better in school but the withdrawal at night is horrible, it’s like I’ve got a kid withdrawing from street drugs. I’ve struggled with the decision but have him go without in summer. We did no cry it out when he was a baby, but yet he is a very anxious child. There may be other factors, but not everything works out the way I would hope. I’m also a divorced full time working parent, and I know it’s caused some damage to my kids.

    1. Maybe it’s not him but his environment? School isn’t a natural environment for many kids and they usually thrive elsewhere. Just a thought 🙂

  8. Do you have any actual statistics that show these characteristics/behaviors are more prevalent amongst those who are pro-vaccination or are you just using your personal opinions to create a fallacy and perpetuate even more confirmation bias?

  9. So much fear & all of the king’s horses & all of the king’s men… Does your child truly need all of the vaccines or is it the pharmaceutical industry & it’s rewards to doctors, that drive the number of vaccines “needed”?