4 Reasons Why My Family Doesn’t Wear Sunscreen and Why You Shouldn’t Either.

It’s July, we’re in Central Texas (Nope, living in Alaska isn’t my secret), and it’s HOT. To beat the heat my family and I have to hit the springs or the river just about everyday. Luckily, here in Austin there is no shortage of natural swimming holes. Throw in my bag a blanket, some snacks, swimsuits and we’re ready to go. As you probably noticed- and as the title of this post suggests- I didn’t include sunscreen in my bag of outdoor essentials. Our cultural narrative around the sun and skin health is that the sun causes cancer and that we should prevent this by lathering our bodies with sunscreen. The higher the SPF the better, they say. Well, like everything else that went out the window when I started questioning societal norms and adopted a natural hygiene lifestyle, sunscreen went right along with it. Ever since I stopped wearing sunscreen just over 5 years ago I have never had any issues with burning (with the exception of the first time I went without it and didn’t know what I was doing) and I love that it contributes to my no toxic, minimalist, environmentally aware lifestyle. Not to mention I have a pretty sweet base tan year around. Here are the 4 reasons why no one in my immediate family wears sunscreen:


1) Sunscreen contains toxic chemicals (yes, even the “natural” brands). 

Sometimes people are more conscious about what they are putting in their body than they are about what they are putting on their body. Our skin is a living, breathing organ. It’s the biggest one we have and what we put on our skin is often just as important as what we are ingesting. As a matter of fact, when some of these chemicals interact with the sun it has been shown to speed up malignant cell development and actually cause cancer. The very thing we think we are preventing by wearing sunscreen. One of the most harmful known ingredients in sunscreen is Oxybenzone. According to Dr. Mercola’s website: 

“This is one of the most troublesome ingredients found in the majority of sunscreens. Its primary function is to absorb ultraviolet light. However, oxybenzone is also believed to cause hormone disruptions and cell damage that may provoke cancer.”

For a detailed look at Oxybenzone and other sunscreen ingredients, check out THIS article by Environmental Working Group. There is a lot to learn.

Many of you maybe wondering about natural sunscreen brands. I know in my mom groups online there are quite a few questions going around about which sunscreen brand is best. The most common active ingredient in the “best” natural sunscreens is zinc oxide. Zinc oxide is a synthetic substance which means it’s not something I care to put on my skin. It’s best to do your own research around these claimed to be natural brands and decide for yourself.

2) The sun does not cause cancer.

Let me be clear: I’m not saying that people don’t get skin cancer. I am saying that your cancer isn’t caused by the sun in and of itself, solely. Now, I am not suggesting that anyone should sit in the sun for hours and let themselves bake just as I wouldn’t suggest anyone holding their breath for hours under water (an equally vital resource), but let’s look at this for a minute:

The common belief is that the sun causes cancer. The sun-the Earth’s primary source of energy and life- causes cancer– one of the most deadliest diseases we have (debatable, but not the point). When you really contemplate that, does it even make sense? Can you imagine how that unchecked belief can affect a culture?

It is very likely that the reaction the sun has with a body filled with toxins and acidic food in combination with it [the body] lacking in nutrients will cause cancer. But the sun in and of itself does not cause cancer. How would humans have made it this far without sunscreen for all those years if the sun were so deadly? Alkaline foods that are made for human consumption promote skin health that protect our skin in harsher conditions like intense sun exposure. When the sun makes contact with the things we put on our bodies, like sunscreen, it promotes cancer. Anything you put on your body that is synthetic, or anything you put in your body that promotes acidosis  has you running the risk of catching disease and cancer. The majority of humans are over acidic. When people tell me there have been studies done proving the sun causes cancer, I want to tell them that these studies are done on the common person. There are other factors at play that aren’t being studied such as what do they eat and what lifestyle do they live? Do they smoke? Drink? Eat acidic foods? Most people eat acid forming foods. I’d like to see a study done on the small percentage of people who eat an alkaline diet and how their skin reacts to a healthy amount of sunlight. Study a pH food chart to know what this looks like. When what we consume is in alignment with the needs and optimal health of the human body then we function more properly and are protecting ourselves from  disease and cancer.



3) It’s harmful to the environment. 

One of my biggest pet peeves next to inhaling someone else’s cigarette smoke is watching someone at the pool spray a bunch of sunscreen onto their skin and watching 50% of it float off into the air…and sometimes inhaling it. Now that we know what these substances contain, we know what is being put into the air when people all around you are spraying religiously. So now not only are we putting it on our skin, we are inhaling it, too, and then we get in the water where these chemicals wash off into, only furthering water pollution. Wearing sunscreen not only effects your health, but it effects your environment, namely the air and the water you are swimming in. Therefore, it effects everyone else around you.

4) Sunlight is vital for good health. 

Not only does sunlight not cause cancer, but it actually prevents cancer. We need sunlight, and research suggests that the use of sunscreen blocks absorption of essential nutrients from the sun (hence the term ‘sunblock’).  The biggest nutrient we obtain from the sun is Vitamin D. Vitamin D has been shown to be highly effective in treating and preventing cancer. Given our phobia of the sun, it is no surprise that an estimated 85% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D.  According to Dr. Mercola’s website, research shows a link between Vitamin D deficiency and cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis and autism. That’s no short list.

Other benefits of sun exposure include lowered blood pressure through the release of nitric oxide, increased oxygen content in your blood, and it is great for your mental health. Our fear of the sun is causing us to make decisions that are detrimental to our health. The sun is to be embraced, as it gives life, energy and the beloved Vitamin D 🙂

Ok, so now that you know why I think we should all forgo sunscreen, you might be wondering what your alternatives are to maintaining good skin health. As someone who is naturally fair skinned and freckly, I get it. The good news is that it’s really simple to avoid getting burned. Here are some tips:

  • Be aware of how much time you are in the sun. When my family and I go to swim, we always park our stuff in the shade and that is where we hang out when we are not swimming. We never swim for long periods of time and always take breaks. When I am out of the water I am sitting in the shade. Rarely do I ever just sit in the sun and when I do it is for no longer than 10-15 minutes at a time. When you gradually give your skin some sunlight it won’t burn as easily.
  • Eat an abundance of foods that promote healthy cells and skin protection. Some of these antioxidant rich foods include tomatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes, watermelon and citrus fruits. Really, any foods that are nutrient dense and are not creating over acidity in the body are good.
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle overall. Like I said above, the sun doesn’t cause cancer. A weak immune system and over toxicity does. Eat fruits and vegetables, get plenty of sleep, be active, reduce stress, avoid putting toxic chemicals on your body and maintain healthy, loving relationships. Oh, and get plenty of sunlight 🙂
  • Bring a hat and light cover ups when you know you’ll be in the sun for a longer period of time. This one is pretty self explanatory.
  • Opt for natural oils/butters such as coconut oil and cacao butter. I have never personally tried these but some people swear by them because they contain vitamins that promote healthy skin. Do your own research. Since they are completely natural then it wouldn’t hurt to try them out.


The bottom line is that sunshine doesn’t have to be feared. It is life giving in every sense of the word. A good, positive attitude toward the sun along with sun consciousness and a healthy lifestyle will be everything you need to protect your skin (your body, for that matter). I am curious what you or your family does for skin protection and if this article made you think about changing your relationship to sunscreen? Let me know how you thought my ideas were helpful or not. Here’s to happy skin 🙂



I have been getting a lot of negative feedback suggesting that I don’t know about skin health or that I’m not acknowledging the damage that can happen if you bake in the sun. Please re-read this article if you think this. I am in no way saying that we shouldn’t be conscious of the sun or keep our skin healthy. I don’t think I could just sit in the sun all day and be hunky dory. This is why I stay in the shade as much as possible (90% of the time). There is a lot of research that I provided in the links stating that these chemical sunscreens can prevent burning, but they don’t prevent cancer. Also there is much research showing what our lack of sunlight and vitamin D absorption is doing to our health. I know skin cancer exists. I’m not an idiot. But I choose to prevent it in part by not putting proven toxins on my skin and seeking natural approaches to keeping it healthy. A little common sense: stay in the shade, wear hats and covers, don’t eat food that promotes cancer, etc. I’ve never gotten burned. I don’t “lay out.” When I was pregnant and my midwives were drawing my blood for blood work they told me to go ahead and take a Vitamin D supplement because most all of women’s blood work comes back saying they’re deficient in Vitamin D. Well guess what? I had normal levels. Some of the best they’ve seen, they said (I’m also a vegan and had zero deficiencies, but I digress). Some sunlight is actually really good for us. We’re not vampires. Just be smart about it. I’m failing to see how this message is lost on so many people. Please don’t comment until you’ve researched the opposite side. I’ve provided links so it should make it easier. Thank you for reading.





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  1. This is not an option for my youngest son who has albinism. Due to this recessive genetic condition, he has almost no natural pigment. Hence, no protection from the UVA/UVB rays produced by the sun. He must wear sunscreen year round to avoid burning – even where we live in WI; it’s not possible for him to tan. This genetic condition is rare (1:17,000) – in theory it’s possible for anyone to be born with it. All it takes is two parents who each carry the recessive gene and both to pass it on. Neither my husband nor I even knew we had it; we’ve never heard of any of our relatives having albinism. So while I completely respect your reasoning and this lifestyle may be for you and your family, it’s not always possible for everyone.

  2. Way to go!!! I haven’t worn it in years, except for if I know I will be out in the sun for longer than an hour. I live in Phoenix, so we have plenty of sun.

    1. ‘I never use sunblock unless it is sensible to do so because I am going to experience extended exposure to the sun.’ Wow what a hipster rebel you are.

  3. I love your article 🙂 for years I have only used sunscreen for my first time in the sun each year. After that I never burn 🙂 I have used sunscreens that are as safe as possible. What you bring up on this article makes so much sense. I often do bake in the sun to get buy body darker. Probably not the smartest thing but I do believe that my plant-based diet does protect me from many common ailments such as cancer. We will see 🙂

    1. I think so, too 🙂 I also follow a plant based diet and focus on as many raw foods as possible. That’s what I’m talking about when I talk about people eating acid vs alkaline food. Didn’t wanna mention plant based because people are already so triggered by not using sunscreen, didn’t wanna suggest they go vegan, too! Lol. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. I got cancer from this article, Jesus. Inorganic does not equal synthetic. Rocks are inorganic, that doesn’t mean scientists created mountains in a lab. Trying to justify something is good just because ancient civilizations didn’t do it is a terrible argument. We didn’t have a lot of things back then, including sterilized medical instruments, antibiotics, indoor plumbing, insulated buildings and etc. Would anyone actually argue that the presence of these things have killed more people than they have saved? Dr Mercola is a quack. He has been widely criticized by evidence based Medicine for spreading misinformation as a means to sell his useless products and supplements. See the American Council on Science and Health articles on him. Sucks you’re putting your kids through this before they even have a chance to be informed. You think that UV rays don’t cause cancer? Tell that to the melanoma patients of Bondi beach.

    1. I wouldn’t eat rocks, either. Oxybenzone is synthetic. Which is what I was referring to. I also didn’t say that something is good because ancient civilization didn’t go it. I prompted the question how would they have survived outdoors of the sun was so harmful? I didn’t make the blanket statement you suggested. Please re read for my views on cancer
      Please re read if you think my child is in the sun all day.

      1. I agree with your idea to not wear sunscreen. However in the article you claimed Zinc Oxide is synthetic. Zinc Oxide actually naturally occurs in the earth’s crust as Zincite. However, most Zinc Oxide used in cosmetics is synthetic. So you were mostly right about it being synthetic but not totally. Also in terms of not putting something on your skin that you wouldn’t eat, people do take supplements of Zinc Oxide. However it has been shown to be mildly toxic when taken in large quantities. That being said, everything you eat has some level of toxins. Even fruit and vegetables are partly tamasic (overripe, as soon as you pick them they send stress hormones and begin to decay). And if one needs to stay out in the sun for long periods of time, using Zinc Oxide as a barrier would probably be the safer option to getting a severe sun burn.

      2. Alice, did you read the article or are your pre conceived notions of being rude to a complete stranger who is writing on her OWN website blind you from the words ?She is in the shade 90% of the time… People on Bondi beach probably cooked out there all damn day.

      3. “I wouldn’t eat rocks, either.”

        It must be hard to live a life without dangerous inorganic rocks like salt.

    2. Alice. You obviously did not read the article. UV do NOT cause cancer. I work with cancer patients. The sun can burn and damage the skin but it CANNOT cause cancer. In fact some hospitals are treating melanoma with ultra high doses of UV light with vitamin D supplements. So therefore if UV light causes cancer why do hospitals use UV light to treat cancer?
      It is acidity which causes cancer. Cancer CANNOT exist in an alkaline (oxygen rich) environment.
      You need to research this a bit more.

    3. Your opinion is valued, but again diet was mentioned! All variables have to be considered and we’re not going to get that information in your typical medical studies. The FDA is more financially lead and sadly doesnt give us complete information. We’re drowning in a society of processed foods, synthetic substances, medications with more side affects than they cure. There are studies that say an individual will have cancer 7x in their lifetime. Its how your body reacts, how strong your immune system is, whether it will take hold and advance. Our bodies are amazing in their function and resilience..it makes sense to me provide it with what it needs to combat the radicals it encounters daily. This is my opinion, of course, valued as well..

      1. Paul… not sure what you’re talking about, but as a stage 3 melanoma patient who is treated at one of the top research hospitals by the top melanoma oncologists in the country… none of them have ever mentioned anything about treating melanoma with UV light and they definitely say to stay out of the sun because of UV rays. Please don’t spread lies if you don’t know the facts about melanoma. I have spoken with many many melanoma patients from stage 1 to stage 4.. NONE of their treatment plans included UV light therapy. .

  5. I’ve long suspected that vitamin D deficiencies were, in part, from slathering on sunscreen to the nines. I am very fair and I almost always burn even in as little as 15 minutes. A hat and an SPF shirt it is for me and my children:-)

    1. Do you know that SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor? So you have an Sun Protection Factor Shirt. What SPF is your shirt? Sunscreen is not really a factor in vitamin D deficiency, basically only people who always stay inside and avoid the sun, those with high risks of skin cancer for instance, or have very dark skin ever get it.

  6. Thank you and you hit the nail on the head! In moderation and in the early morning or late afternoon sun is best. I try to do 20 min daily. We really need to understand that all of nature is healing and beneficial. Use common sense and enjoy your daily dose. Keep plugging away with your wonderful articles😀😳

  7. I don’t use it and never used it on my kids, Although we are all blonde and their dad wanted me too, I was never comfortable with the idea. When my boys were little we had an above ground pool in our back yard, and a trampoline. We also had a lovely couple of shade trees. They spent a lot of time in the sun but my boys didn’t burn – I think because they could feel it when the sun was getting too strong or they had been a little too long in the sun and they naturally headed for the shade. They are over 30 now and still don’t use it.
    I’m retired and I spend a lot of time outside. I’ve always thought the sun was good for me, if you are careful, and smearing my body with chemicals designed to block or react with sunlight seems like a sure way to invite cancer. I live in Nevada, we have a lot of sun!

  8. Dont head out without the best all natural deet free tick & mosquito spray naturallynorthwoods.com
    PS I love Dr Mercola and Erin and my kids will live a much healthier life because I do <3

  9. Thank you for the post, it completely makes sense, for those that are leaving negative comments, they are not reading and fully understanding. We are plant based vegetarians. We eat alkaline as well. Treating your body this way and eliminating toxins on the outside are key. I have been looked at like I’m crazy as well. We live in Ohio and the lack of sun is horrible. When we have it I don’t hesitate to be out in it, but yes with caution.Awesome read!!!!

  10. My best friend died from skin cancer – and it was her sun-worshiping nature that caused it. Don’t be stupid with sun exposure. Even animals get skin cancer from sun: albino animals, animals in pens or ponds who can’t move to shade. The sun is natural- and it also a giant nuclear reaction generator! Dont wear sunscreen if you do not want to but stay in the shade!

  11. If you were wearing long sleeve shirts, pants, and hats you wouldn’t get skin cancer to. Hence how humanity didn’t get skin cancer for centuries. I don’t use sunscreen that much and I burn always have and always will. Not everyone is immune to getting sunburnt like you. Like the first post said, its all about the pigment of your skin. I have no medical or scientific background, just 34 years of being pale and working in the sun for 18, so take it for what its worth.

    1. I used to get sunburned too, until I learned to work with the sun and not against it. Now I dont get sunburned anymore and I get a dark tan.

  12. I just want to comment as someone who lives in Washington State, an area that only gets sun about 2-3 months per year. My mother never used sunscreen on her kids and I never used it as an adult. I never deliberately laid in the sun to get a tan.

    I was diagnosed with melanoma at 27, then again at 28, then again at 29. I have spent thousands of dollars on skin checks and surgeries, and have scars all over my body.

    I urge everyone reading this to follow it up with actual science-backed research. If you want to avoid chemicals, fine. Use a zinc based sunscreen. Not protecting your children from cancer is child abuse.

    1. We definitely protect ourselves and our child from cancer. We don’t believe wearing sunscreen is the way to do that. I would venture to say your cancer wasn’t caused by the sun, but you might disagree and I won’t debate you. It’s futile.

    2. Yes but you don’t mention what you put inside your body, what is your diet like? (Hope this comment doesn’t come across as rude, I’m just curious) x

      1. Serena, STOP asking what people’s diet is. That is NONE of your business and you are insinuating that people are getting melanoma from their diet. Well, I can tell you that is NOT true. You know absolutely nothing about melanoma if that’s what you think. It works very differently from other cancers and it’s a lifelong struggle once diagnosed in late stage.. like myself. I have been eating organic natural foods for YEARS. I grew up that way. And, hey, guess what, I’m 29 years old and have stage 3b melanoma. It could kill me someday, and my diet won’t do a damn thing to change that. So, please, stop being so “curious” about everyone’s diet.

        1. Just because it’s organic doesn’t mean it’s healthy. A lot of acidic foods can be organic.

          1. I used to get acid reflux so I stopped eating acidic food a long time ago and it helped. Not that acidic food causes cancer, but it can be hard for the body, so I stopped consuming a lot of it. And, still, got cancer. Weird. Even the healthiest people in the world get cancer. That’s the thing about genes and mutations, for the most part, they don’t give a crap about how healthy you are. Obviously being unhealthy plays a big role in a ton of health problems, even cancer, but in the end, it’s not completely unavoidable.

          2. Disagree. Do you know what acidic foods are? I don’t mean like limes and oranges (which are actually alkaline in the body). Google food pH chart and tell me if you have up all acidic foods.

            Also, genes cannot express themselves unless they’re activated. We are in control of if that happens or not.

  13. A few weeks ago I did a Google search on where the CDC lists which states in the US have the highest skin cancer rates. The states on each coast where most of the population are outside in the sun did NOT have nearly the highest rates.

    My family rarely if ever use sunscreen. When we do it’s because we are outside for several hours. When we do it’s always organic! Why put cancer causing chemicals directly on the largest organ of the body????

  14. I’ve seen some mamas sharing this article on Facebook. While I do agree that sunscreen can have many toxins and staying out of the sun is one’s best protection, your statement “The common belief is that the sun causes cancer. The sun-the Earth’s primary source of energy and life- causes cancer– one of the most deadliest diseases we have (debatable, but not the point). When you really contemplate that, does it even make sense? Can you imagine how that unchecked belief can affect a culture?
    How would humans have made it this far without sunscreen for all those years if the sun were so deadly?. . . ” is just false. The reason humans “made it” was because their skin pigmentation was designed for the area in which they originated. Dark skinned people of Kenya have an average UV index on 12 in the summer, Cuba- 10, Greece-9. On the other hand, the average UV index of Ireland in the summer months is a 3; Russia’s is a 4. People of Ireland and Russia have light skin so they can get the most vitamin D from their limited sun resource. They skin is not designed to be healthy in other areas of the world. While your notion that the sun is life-giving and, therefore, can’t cause cancer is very romantic, it’s false.

    1. It’s unfortunate that so many people took this article to mean that the sun is incapable of doing harm. We also need water but everyone knows if you submerge yourself and don’t come up you’ll drown. My point with the statement you quoted is that the extent of our cultural fear and ideas about the sun don’t match the reality of it. Sure, if you abuse sun exposure bad things can happen. But if you live a healthy lifestyle and use the sun for good instead of fearing it and avoiding it at all costs, you can live healthfully and avoid cancer. Now, I’ve learned people have a lot of ideas about what a truly healthy lifestyle means. I didn’t talk about it in this article because it’s already so triggering. So sometimes people think they’re living fairly healthy and they’re not. I’m not perfect either. Here’s to doing better when we know better 🙂

  15. The sun nourishes our eyes, as well.
    Staying in the shade is smart; don’t stare at the sun, or anything.
    But we weaken our eyes by wearing sunglasses all the time. My husband wears sunglasses while flying (he’s a pilot), because he’s smart. And we both wear sunglasses for a bit on long road trips, but in general, we avoid them, as well as sunscreen.
    And we don’t wear sunscreen unless we’re directly in midday sun for an uknown length of time (Solar Goo is what we use). I, personally haven’t worn sunscreen in ten years. My daughter has worn it, maybe five times, and she’s just over the age of 2.
    We just stay in the shade, do small bursts of sun exposure when it is well over 90°, as is often the case in our area, and wear cover ups when needed. I’ve added more berries to our diet and cut out many acidic foods (I’m often struggling to be more alkaline).
    Thank you for writing this! It’s a great motivator to keep things natural [:

    1. Thanks 🙂 we don’t wear sunglasses either. My son likes to try other people’s on for fun, though 😉

      1. I’ve often wondered about sunglasses……interesting…..do you have a link I could read more about this??

  16. Great article. Don’t let the negative comments affect you. Thank you for the information.

  17. Great read, as a super pale person I get burned easily. Since it is obviously the food I eat that makes me burn when I am out in the sun, and not the sun itself. What food would you suggest I eat in order to not get sunburned? Is it the same food that makes you forget about how science works?

    1. Congratulations! You’re the 100th person to comment who obviously didn’t fully read my article. Try again next time 😉

      1. You’re doing so well to respond so politely to some of these people and their intentional ignorance, television and schooling really did a number on our minds. The idea of what is natural has been so obscured because of people wearing white coats. Let alone what happened to common sense….who knows, maybe their just going through the first stage of realising that a lot of what we’ve been told has been a big lie, used against us not just for money, but control. It’s a hard pill to swallow and I swallowed it 9 years ago so it’s much easier for me to grasp these concepts I guess. Love your articles and stay strong, you have a lot more support than you know xoxox

  18. Love your post, you’ve inspired me to write my own for this weeks blog post… common sense might have something to do with the title.. Thank you and keep up the great work of creating awareness. Love Barbara

  19. I’m was a paled skin, freckled redhead who burnt just by looking at the sun when I was younger and that was with using the highest factor sunblock … however, I stopped using unblocked and gradually over the years introduced my skin to a little sun over time (having been to Australia and seeing, talking to a beautifully tanned redhead, I knew I didn’t have to look like Casper the ghost anymore) now this freckled redhead also has a lovely tan … yes, I probably still would burn if I sat out in the sun too long but I’m not stupid, small amounts only and never when the sun is at it’s highest. I live in England where we don’t get a great amount of sun … yet my friends are always thinking I’ve been abroad as I’m always tanned to certain degree now. Moderation is the key word, like with anything ….. it’s like training your skin 🙂 and I know I feel a lot better from absorbing some sun, and that’s even with the fact that as a ginger I have always produced my own vitamin D, which is a known scientific fact

      1. As a fellow ginger with stage 3b melanoma, I just want you to be aware that we really should not be tanning, I know you say you don’t stay out in the sun for long periods which is good, just a little warning for you and others reading this. Being born a redhead, we have a mutation, MC1R, which gives us a much much higher chance of developing melanoma than other people. Because we have this mutation, it’s as though we were born with 20 years worth of UV exposure, even though we’ve never been exposed. Add your actual life years to that and you REALLY need to be careful in the sun. We only need about 15 minutes of direct sun exposure a day. I realize we have a disadvantage of not being able to absorb vitamin D as well as non redheads and yes our bodies make up for that by producing some of it, but supplements work great too. Not saying to use sunscreen, I think living as naturally as possible and staying covered up with UV protective clothing, hats, and shade is an excellent way to be sun safe. Sunglasses are also necessary.. I saw someone say they don’t wear them and everyone needs to realize that you can absolutely get melanoma in your eyes, especially if you have light colored eyes, and it’s one of the hardest types of melanoma to cure because it progresses much faster and does not respond to treatment as well as cutaneous melanoma. Also, melanoma rates tend to be especially high in the UK, so again, just be careful out there. Having this disease is a lifelong struggle and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

  20. I think the fact that you’re not open to critical feedback makes it pretty transparent that you’re not utilizing critical thought, either.

    1. What critical feedback are you speaking of? I’ve read almost everything on here counter to her article and none of it has any critical feedback, rather it shows evidence of not reading the full article with an open mind.

  21. I am a natural blonde and very pale skinned. I have never worn sun block due to the cost originally and still don’t. I never burn, and actually I am probably in the sun much longer then I should be at times. Sometimes I get a little pink but only slightly. I have read many negative articles against sunscreen and I love yours. Keep up the research 👍😎

  22. WOW WOW WOW THAT’S ALL I HAVE TO SAY I as a scientist at the coal face of all this and have been saying this for years as have the molecule biology intelligence unit at Cambridge university and 3 other university in the UK. Also 3 overseas in Europe one saying that the country’s who promote spf’s have huge amounts of skin cancer compared to country’s that don’t promote sun screens who have much lower levels by a significant factor .

    There is a lot to understand about this and what uvA is to uvB light, you really need to protect from uvA all year round find out more here and what does protect you from skin cancers, skin ageing and damage and it has zero to do with what you think http://www.naturalelementsskincare.com/sun-protection-spf
    WHERE IS THIS ALL COMING FROM? : well its scientist like me and others who are looking for the cell immortally concept and we are coming across all the chemicals which are interfering with cells.
    And what about cell immortally ? well we are on the verge with comments from scientists like “one day people will look back and say what a horrible world they lived in where people grew old and died” MAKES YOU THINK AND IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MORE GET IN CONTACT john@essentially-yours.co.uk

    1. Lol. You won’t find us in the cancer hospital. My mom’s side of the family who eats like crap and lathers up with toxic creams. Tell them hi for me 😉 already have two in there.

  23. My daughters are half Mexican and have always loved running around in the sun. When they were little they did this naked. They have never been burnt, even when we lived in Mexico. My eldest daughter seems to have taken after myself more (English) and always struggled in heat rather than the actual sun. Car and bus trips were a nightmare for her. But in the fresh air and sun she was fine.
    I have never put any creams on them. I do not on myself either. My eldest daughter also suffers childhood excema. When she was 2 we moved back to Mexico. Her excema disappeared in the sun after 2 months. We came back to the UK when she was nearly 6 and within a few weeks her excema returned.
    Common sense and good healthy food are, as you say, the keys to being healthy. We are all vegan and love fruit and veg and grow a lot of our own.
    So no negative comments whatsoever from us 😊

  24. So out of curiosity, how many comments have you refused to publish so far? If you’re so confident in what you’ve written, why are you distorting and misrepresenting the response?

    1. I have published plenty of comments that aren’t agreeing with me. I don’t publish vulgarity or completely false information. I didn’t publish being called a cunt and I won’t publish someone saying if I don’t sunscreen and vaccinate my kids it’s child abuse. That’s just comical. If there is a God, he’s laughing. Or crying or both.

  25. My mother in law was just here for a week. By the end she said, “I noticed you don’t use sunscreen on the twins and yet they aren’t burning, how do you do that?” I shrugged. Most people will look at my German/Scottish/Irish/Scandinavian roots and say, are you nuts? Well maybe a little, but all that aside … as a kid I used extra strength sports stuff. It stung my skin. And if I wasn’t wearing it, I got burned, and badly. I spent my life assuming I had fair skin and couldn’t go outside, thanks to science.

    I spent many years on the foggy coast, and when I moved back inland to the desert, fully preggo, I didn’t think of using sunscreen. Haven’t since. You are so right about healthy foods, they increase your resistance. So here’s my secret: It’s all about the base tan. That’s what keeps me from burning. Small repeated exposures to the sun followed by long bouts of shade. I stumbled on this by accident … working in the garden in a tank top, starting in March … by July I could spend a whole day in the sun at a farmers market without scorching, taking shade periodically. Yes I might get a little red, but some lavender oil and a good night’s sleep and I have zero sunburn the next day. I haven’t blistered or peeled since I was a kid … when I used “real” sunscreen. Like so many things today, it works but if you skip using it, the result is soooo much worse. Better to build up your defense naturally. I also use a sun hat religiously. I always wear shades, my green eyes are sensitive. And I wear loose clothing, long skirts. I use myrrh oil, coconut oil and beeswax creams for added protection on face, neck and shoulders.

    The nine months of the year I have regular sun exposure, I rarely get sick. They say sun exposure causes cancer. They also say vitamin D prevents cancer. Sun exposure gives you vitamin D, and if you aren’t using sunscreens, like this blog pointed out, your vitamin D levels are probably near normal. That’s better cancer prevention than chemical sunscreen. As for my husband and kids, they don’t use sunscreen because I don’t put it on them. And they’re not getting burned. I bet their vitamin D levels are great, though.

  26. You say you don’t publish “completely false information”, and yet, you’ve written an article with absolutely no scientific credibility. How does that work, exactly?

    1. we that’s not true at all you have me I’m a dermatologist bio-gerontologists & a molecule chemist with almost 20 yrs experience. The research that I have done into this is from England university and the work of very snr professors and about 30 of them in 3 different university’s. The research which turned up all this evidence is when they were looking for why cells decay and die or turn into tumours and that answer is becoming plainly evident its heavy metals which is also known synthetic chemicals. they found that when us humans coming contact with them our cells mutate and in the case of sun screens they are full of such chemicals which are a two sided sword ie the very chemicals/ compounds which reflect UVb light this is the burn actually increase the damage of UVa. Now that’s a big problem because while UVb does cause burns if you are in directly sun light for long periods, it not really a cause of skin cancer and you can regulate your exposer, where as such destructive forces of UVa is and you do not need to be in direct sunlight. You see if you get a bit of direct sun, actually quite a lot depending on how, when and quickly your melanin comes through as long as you are sensible and not in it for hours you will not burn and you will absorb the very much needed vitamin D. But you can be in the shade, were a hat, tea shirts etc even in the car or under water and the silent UVa will get you and this light will go through the layers of the skin until it hits your new cells being formed and can cause a mutation, now if you think about this you certainly don’t want to increase the power of UVa do you ? and that’s what spf’s are doing, and why some are saying don’t use them instead be sensible. Now there is protection from UVa and many spf say they do this but again usually with chemicals which human cell life does not get on with. So what can you do ? well its easy the main damage from UVa is free radicals and using a powerful antioxidant does neutralise them just the same as eating fresh fruit and vegetable is good for us using such compounds protects you other cells and organ ie the skin if you want to know what antioxidants to use or the most powerful email me on john@essentially-yours.co.uk

    2. we that’s not true at all you have me I’m a dermatologist bio-gerontologists & a molecule chemist with almost 20 yrs experience. The research that I have done into this is from university and the work of very snr professors and about 30 of them in 3 different university’s. The research which turned up all this evidence is when they were looking for why cells decay and die or turn into tumours and that answer is becoming plainly evident its heavy metals which is also known synthetic chemicals. they found that when us humans coming contact with them our cells mutate and in the case of sun screens they are full of such chemicals which are a two sided sword ie the very chemicals/ compounds which reflect UVb light this is the burn actually increase the damage of UVa. Now that’s a big problem because while UVb does cause burns if you are in directly sun light for long periods, it not really a cause of skin cancer and you can regulate your exposer, where as such destructive forces of UVa is and you do not need to be in direct sunlight. You see if you get a bit of direct sun, actually quite a lot depending on how, when and quickly your melanin comes through as long as you are sensible and not in it for hours you will not burn and you will absorb the very much needed vitamin D. But you can be in the shade, were a hat, tea shirts etc even in the car or under water and the silent UVa will get you and this light will go through the layers of the skin until it hits your new cells being formed and can cause a mutation, now if you think about this you certainly don’t want to increase the power of UVa do you ? and that’s what spf’s are doing, and why some are saying don’t use them instead be sensible. Now there is protection from UVa and many spf say they do this but again usually with chemicals which human cell life does not get on with. So what can you do ? well its easy the main damage from UVa is free radicals and using a powerful antioxidant does neutralise them just the same as eating fresh fruit and vegetable is good for us using such compounds protects you other cells and organ ie the skin if you want to know what antioxidants to use or the most powerful email me on john@naturalelementsskincare.com

      1. John, I’m sorry, but you appear to be borderline illiterate, so I’m not going to be putting much stock in your defense of this blog post, or your so-called credentials as a “scientist.”

        1. Of course. That’s how people like you work. You claim, “I’ll stick to what the doctors and scientists say about this subject!” Then I say, “well look at all these doctor who are saying something else.”
          “Oh well those doctors are quacks!” Well look at all these scientists who have different findings.” Then you say, “oh well then I won’t put much stock in THAT scientists credentials.”

          So I have to wonder, is it doctors and scientists you listen to or you own conditioning and personal bias and then you find doctors and scientists who agree with you?

          1. I don’t take advice from a random person on the internet who claims to be a scientist, particularly when said person is incapable of writing coherently. Instead, I take advice from the thousands of credentialed scientists and doctors who have dedicated extensive time to researching skin cancer, conducted carefully constructed experiments to investigate the subject, written detailed publications to discuss their findings, had those publications vetted and critiqued by other professionals in the field, performed extensive edits and ensure the integrity of their work, then had those publications screened by respected scientific journals for publication. (On top of that, the findings of those investigations and publications are then REPLICATED by other scientists in the field, many times over.) That is how research works. Not “Hey I googled this thing, and although I don’t have a single professional credential or scientific training, and have conducted no objective scientific studies with a significant subject pool of my own, I’ve decided I know more about the entire scientific community, combined!”

            If you would like to provide links to a reputable scientist who hasn’t been disavowed by his peers and can verify your claims, I’d be happy to read it. Then if you’d like to follow that up with no less than a dozen additional, peer-reviewed articles that support their findings, again I’d be happy to read them.

            Until then, I suggest you leave science to those who have dedicated years of study and time toward the field.

      2. What the hell is England University? I’m from England – There’s no such place as England University pal.

    3. Scientists are easily bought and paid for, money talks and common sense gets taken along for the ride, so sorry some people don’t care what they have to say anymore. Some of us don’t need to be told how to live by people in white coats, but you can totally choose to do that, go for it. my health and the health of others has improved despite going against scientific fake facts, so prove how we did it….do you think we’re secretly lathering on sunscreen and then saying we don’t need it. You want bogus graphs and peer reviewed studies? Go read something else then if you just want to read the same old same old

  27. I look forward to future blog posts from you about how smoking cigarettes doesn’t cause cancer and how people shouldn’t use seat belts because they cause bruising during car accidents. A Donald Trump fart contains more data points than this nonsensical piece of crap.

    1. Thanks for reading and understanding my blog! … Not. Pretty sure I advocate natural hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. Try again.

  28. I have very fair skin. I can burn in 15 minutes. I’m 57 and just had a horrendous skin cancer surgery on my nose with squamous cell cancer. I had a great surgeon but this was a horrible experience and I am permenantly disfigured. Some people have enough pigment in their skin to protect them but I would never advise anyone to spend time in the sun without protection. My grandmother and mother NEVER used any kind of sunscreen and were not beach goers but they both got skin cancer on their noses, too. At the very least, always wear a hat. The nose is out there all the time and really takes a hit.

  29. Hello! I read your article and actually I love it. I am using sunscrean, my daughter (3) is using sunscrean. My son (4 months) is not using sunscrean, because I don´t expose him to sun for long periods of time…and my husband doesn´t use sunscrean…because he´s portuguese.
    I am sharing this with my friends and writing the comment to keep the balance against the “hate” comments. Your article makes sense to me…common sense.
    i am now going to check my “healthy” sunscrean and likely never using it again. Thank you.

  30. Wow! Nice gymnastics there with #2. “The sun doesn’t cause cancer. It’s when the sun hits your body that it causes cancer.” Smh.

  31. Common sense, very hot and sunny keep covered and stay indoors. Sunscreens are not necessary. My kids never wear them and have never been burnt.

  32. My five blue eyed, blond/red haired children grew up with no sunscreens.
    In the summer they turned coffee bean brown and tow headed.
    We ate a whole,seasonal diet. They had berry patches that they spent lots of time in. They ate bushels of peaches etc
    When babies and toddlers, they went naked as much as possible…weather permitting. 😉
    They are in their thirties and forties and all have healthy skin with little/no sign of aging.

    Conclusion…eating LOTS of of fresh fruit and veggies in season is Nature’s way of protecting us.
    Think>>>indigenous peoples foraging from dawn till dusk for their year’s worth of provisions…. 🤔🕊

  33. A) There is zero evidence to back any one of your claims, only speculation. There is however, plenty of scientific study on the harmful effects of UV rays. I think I’ll go with the people that actually know what they are doing.

    B) Another point of yours is that just not go outside for long periods of time if we don’t want to get sunburnt. Where is the fun in that? If I have the option of putting on sunscreens and playing in the swimming pool for three hours, why would I instead hide from the sun and only stay outside for 10-15 minutes? That makes no sense. If I have to play a baseball or soccer game, I don’t have the luxury of “staying the shade 90% of the time”.

    You are advocating against something that has proven to protect your skin from cancer, just because something was made from chemicals or isn’t “all natural” doesn’t mean it’s poison.

    1. A) there is actually plenty of evidence backing my claims. Luckily for you I provided some links if you care to research.

      B) not once in my article do I suggest to stay inside if you don’t want to get a sunburn. Really? Did you even read it?

      This is where it’s up for personal decision. What’s worth it for you? For me, I don’t have a lifestyle that requires me to be in the sun for long periods of time if I don’t want to be. If you’d rather stay in the sun for hours and wear sunscreen then that’s your call. I’m personally, not into that. Regardless of sunscreen, I don’t like the heat for extended periods of time. If for whatever reason I had to be in the sun that long well then… Oh wait. It’s in my article. No need to repeat myself. I guess you know what I would do as an alternative if you read it.

    2. Not to mention it’s 102 degrees where I live. If I were in direct sun for 3 hours I’d probably get heat exhaustion.

  34. You have no clue how cancer works. UV damage from the sun can damage the DNA structure of our living skin cells. Our body then has repair mechanisms to fix UV double stranded breakages in DNA, but sometimes errors in repair occur. This error in repair could cause subsequent errors in cell replication, which could lead to a metastatic tumor, aka cancer.

  35. I completely understand why you would want to avoid using suntan lotion, which contain carcinogens (we use a ‘natural’ brand, but I’m not completely happy about using it at all). I also agree that it is important to get Vit D and that our ancestors probably didn’t suffer from skin cancer, but I’m wondering whether the fact that humans have severely damaged the ozone layer has made the sun more dangerous?

      1. I sometimes wonder whether the ozone layer being damaged is just another farce. But who knows, I’m still surviving I guess…..also I know I’ve been replying to aloooot of messages, please excuse my enthusiasm, it’s just so hard not to sometimes! I hope I don’t sound as ignorant as the trolls, and feel free not to post my comments haha peace

  36. If the sun is so great for your eyes, you should try staring at it with a pair of binoculars. Oh, be sure to stare into the next eclipse, too. Good times!

    There’s a good thing and too much of a good thing. Sunscreen prevents it from being too much.

  37. Thank you for posting this. I neither trust nor use industry-manufactured chemical products. I do not use sunscreen, skin lotion, perfume, nothing, but my skin is absolutely good. Thank you for your courage. I appreciate. After all, I do believe that profit-seeking motive of corporations are behind much of the way we think and believe. They create likes, dislikes, phobia and desires. They use science to justify their purpose. Science is a great thing, but do not blindly believe in its neutrality.

  38. Hi, I’m 58and I have been using coconut oil in the sun since I was 17,I find if I use suncream most of the time I burn, especially the the ones you only apply once a day. I find coconut oil keeps my skin moist and very smooth and I’m convinced it’s only my skin drying out that causes it to burn. A lot of people tell me I’m mad using coconut oil because I’m not protecting my skin but it’s never done me any harm, in fact my daughter uses it now and doesn’t burn anywhere near as much as she used to, in fact my-daughter burnt badly on one holiday and the only thing that soothed her skin was coconut oil. I have to say I swear by it and won’t use anything else.

  39. For many years I have learned that we shower too much. We use harsh soaps and remove the protection God gave us against the sun. No other part of the world baths so much and drys out the skin and emollients that protect us. If we would swap our bathing until the end of the day, we would be much better off. Sponge baths are the best option(Obviously this is not true of friends you sit next to at the office)Also having lived in the UAE and many other super intensely hot climates, I learned to cover myself and learn from the locals, but the golfers and sun worshipers paid a huge price and we saw in them much skin cancer, especially on faces and noses. Many surgeries. Wearing perfumes and lotions with perfume base was another way we saw skin cancer. None of these were natural, have loads of chemicals and alcohol and sadly damaged the skin. Protecting your skin from the hottest part of the day, especially kids is optimal, hats and shade are essential.

  40. Hi !
    I also prefer using – for me and my kids – “natural” methods of protection against sun burns, like sitting in the shadow, wearing hats, cotton shirts (if case), spending a limited time in the sun and preferring the (few) hours when the sun is much “softer”. I totally agree with common sense. Many people desperately want to make all kind of excesses and blame the sun for that… (I’m NOT referring to people with medical issues!)
    I also know about people that used sunscreen with high filters and got skin cancer, as I know many, many people that literally burnt themselves in the sun all of their lies and yet lived over 80 years with no trace of cancer.
    It really is regrettable that for some people is so ease to be rude to you, on your blog (that is actually your “house”) just because they have a different opinion… Not to mention that most of the rude comments were actually made by people that obviously red only the title… Sorry.
    Thank you for sharing your opinion.

  41. Can you share the food that you stay away from that cause acidity (the big no nos)? Also share more foods that you consume? Thanks.

    1. I will in another article, but basically I follow a plant-based diet with an emphasis on a lot of fruit and vegetables 🙂

  42. Great article. And good on you for actually bothering to reply to the complete morons that crawled out from the recesses of their filth ridden hovels to complain about an article that they haven’t even read, and does not concern them…I wouldn’t even have bothered giving them the time of day personally. I salute your patience.

  43. I totally agree about skincare and sun as I am 51! and have a great skin( so all my friends say !) I have lived in the caribbean & now in Austria where still very hot in Summer (32 degrees) and Ido not believe in all of those chemicals. The media makes us go crazy on consuming instead of listening and observing Mother Earth !! All the best to you and don´t let negative comments get to you!! You & your family are great. ( Ps: my daughter has not had a vaccin since she was a babe(which I regretted so much, having let myself be convinced by others!!) as it declared war with her skin as from the age of 3 and now she is 17 and uses pure coconut oil on her skin. (obviously not to put on when lying in the sun !!! but if you are in the shade it is absolutely fine). We do not use suncream either ! only organic coconut fat. Best Regards and a great life… Love, Peace & Happiness. Valérie