4 Reasons Why Living Without Television is Better for you and your Kids. {Video}

I often joke that my mom put a TV in my nursery as soon as I was born. Not really, but I lived with a TV in my bedroom for as long as I can remember, and went to bed with the TV on every single night until I was 23 and decided to ditch the tube, cold turkey.

Nearly six years ago when I stopped watching television, I felt so good and different that I vowed to never return to it, and that any future children I had would also grow up without TV (naturally, since I don’t keep one in the home). Not having a TV forced me to get out of my house. I was in nature so much more and almost instantly made an amazing group of friends. I also no longer have battles with binge eating, since in front of the TV was the place I would eat without really thinking about what I was doing. I stopped caring about all the things advertised on TV and no longer compared my life to those in reality shows. About a week after I let go of my 23-year long habit, I met my current partner. It was meant to be, I’d say 🙂

Kevin Cosmo of High Energy Parenting explains four reasons why he, his wife and their children do not watch television…at all…ever. Watch all the way to the end where he gives alternative solutions and ideas for a no TV home!

If you want to go deeper into the effects that television watching has on children, THIS ARTICLE on Janet Lansbury’s website titled, “Screen Time Studies Parents Should Know About,” goes further in depth. Check it out!

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