I help women learn what it means to fill up their body, mind and soul. Properly nourishing our bodies, authentically speaking our minds, and unlocking the truth of our souls are the keys to being the woman and mother you want to be, even if you don’t exactly know what that looks like.

It all goes back to simplicity and the not so simple place of being willing to look at our limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns that keep us stuck.

I do this by offering a different approach to health, living and parenting than what most people are used to. I like to shake the status quo because I think in many cases the status quo is harmful.

I enjoy spreading  knowledge about attachment/compassionate parenting, plant-based living and self inquiry. I create personal and customized experiences for women who are ready to feel great and be the woman they want to be.

Let’s bring forth the Loving, Driven, Vibrant Woman You Are. The one who feels good.

    • Reduce the draining energy you put into managing your kids, home, relationships, etc,

    • Learn to nourish your body to feel amazing.

    • Have authentic, loving, fulfilling relationships.

    • Learn the tools to heal yourself and dismantle toxic habits and patterns that keep you stuck.

    • Stop choosing between your passion and your children. Have and be the best for both.

    • Change the way you communicate with your child(ren) that is more effective and compassionate.

    • Learn how to make parenting less stressful and more connected.

    • Learn time management and how to maximize your time as a parent.

    • Handle tantrums and big toddler emotions with love and ease.

    • Heal chronic illness, lose weight and get off the hamster wheel of dieting. NEVER diet again.



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